Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free Stuff Contest Tomorrow (11/4/10)

Contest tomorrow morning...
Over on my Facebook Page LINKY

Up for grabs is your choice of any one print on my website

Or, this grab bag of 2 packs of Gingerbread anatomy Holiday cards, some decals, some Toy2r buttons, and a bag of all the parts cut off from the sculpts I have been creating over the last 2 months or so... :B


LoneIslander said...

I could use those decals lol.

Roo said...

Bum, I killed my Facebook account, any chance I can swap for:
1)a catalogue, 2)my water glass, 3) a large woolly jumper, 4)one of my photo prints of a Herdwick Sheep (this is what I can see in my immediate vicinity over my laptop)?

If not, I may have to part with cold hard cash! Cheers