Friday, October 17, 2008

WALL•E in wood

Found over at toysrevils blog, WALL•E carved from wood and absolutely gorgeous!
From the article it says:
"made by UK-based group Morpheus - as commissioned by Disney as a gift for John Lasseter, the Executive Producer of Wall-E; the animated movie by PIXAR."

Very cool!

Micro Schematic Details (Lego Mini Fig Anatomy)

There have been several requests to post more detailed images of the small areas of the Micro Schematic illustration... :)

Clicking on each image will bring up a slightly larger image...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thank you everyone :) 100,000 Unique visitors

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by my website, helping me attain the bench mark of over 100,000 unique visitors today.

It took 506 days at an average of 197 unique visits per day
If you included reloads the tally was approximately a little less then 121,717 total hits.

The 100,000th visitor was from Martinique at around 9:49am Eastern time.

My highest day was yesterday Oct.15th with 13,462 unique hits. (Thanks again :)

The most hits came from the USA followed by Spain, Germany, Canada, the UK, France and Hungary (Hungarians really love their Gummi's).

So what does tis all mean?....

Well, not that much, but I do love statistics.

Thanks again everyone :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mini Figure Anatomical Schematic

New Illustration "Micro Schematic"
Anatomical Schematic of LEGO Mini Figure

Monday, October 6, 2008

Prime Surreal Estate

Had a great time at the show. Really enjoyed meeting some really groovy people. Turnout was huge, over a hundred by the time I had to leave. Ron English and his wife were a pleasure to chat with.

Dylan did a fantastic job putting together what was easily the best section of the festival and he and his crew deserve a round of applause! :)

Cant wait to do it again...

Thanks for the confidence in my work Dylan.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tonight is the opening of the Prime Surreal Estate show in Jersey City. I will do my best to be there and hopefully hand out some freebies has said they sent my way...

I have one piece on display, an exclusive 18"x18" Giclee print of "Pneumatic Anatomica"
signed edition of 12 available only at the show.

Looking forward to meeting some of the groovy people also showing work who up to this time were just names and pictures ive seen on the web and printed in magazines.

Ill take photos of the event and post them asap.