Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration

Finally out, Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration.
I have several anatomy illustrations included.
Hardcover, 600 pages.
I have yet to actually see the book myself and am awaiting my comp copy...
I will update when that happens...



Dieter Juedt said...

Hi, seems that the publisher is not able to send our free-copies (my work is also including in the book). I'm not happy about the ongoing delay in producing and sending the sourcebook.


Alex Dukal said...

I was also looking for my copy of the book without any answer from Maomao. I have some illustrations included in the book.
When any of us take part in this kind of projects, one of the few things that we pretend is to receive a copy of the book 'cause there's no payment and the publisher and the authors are making money thanks to our "free" collaboration.

Joffrey said...

Thank you! I too didn't receive the book. Maybe soon?

Dieter Juedt said...

Some news regarding the "Source Book"? If you like to take a look at the book, here are some photos and a short personal text about the whole situation: