Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anatomy Illustrations Take top Prize in Dubai Festival!

My anatomy illustrations took top honors at the 2009 Dubai Lynx International Advertising Festival presented by Cannes Lions.

The Dubai International Advertising Festival brings together advertising talent from across the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), as well as from around the world.

After teaming up with the Fortune Promoseven Ad Agency for a campaign promoting the Brainobrain Jumeira child development program, my signature anatomy schematics took home the Gold Medal in Print and the highest award of Grand Prix in the Outdoor category.

My work will now travel to the 56th International Advertising Festival in Cannes France to be judged in the juried show at the end of June this year.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How was that? The agency just asked you to use your illustrations on their campaign? People around the work already knows your work because it's really damm good. Now some adversiting people are geting all the credit just for pasting a logo on your work! It doesn't seems right to me!

Henrique Lara said...
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Jason Freeny said...

Anonymous, this is how the ad world works at times.

I received "Art Director" credit as well as "Illustrator" credit. These two are the important ones as far as conception and execution.

Also, I was compensated for my work, which if you get down to it, is the most important thing.

The ad agency acted as producer, meaning they coordinated the different parties in the project. They took the client (Brainobrain) and applied my creative to their need.

The Ad agency Promoseven, entered the final work into the competition. If you read the credits, proper credit is given.

I am very happy so many people like the images I have created and I have received several emails with similar comments as yours.

Because these works are so embedded and shared throughout the internet, I don't think there is any mistaking that the work you see is mine.

Jason Freeny

Anonymous said...

Yeah man.
I know how it works. I'm an art director too. Anyway they did the right thing puting your name in the creative credits.

Adam Serhan said...

i like the works MR Jason
they ar preity hip.