Monday, August 11, 2008

Barbara Canepa

Ive become quite a fan of Barbara Canepa ever since she blogged some of my work a few months ago. She is a talented French illustrator whos blog ive been feverishly trying to translate but babblefish keeps failing me :(
I will update this post as soon as I can give accurate information about her...
until then please drop by her VERY popular blog and check out her work, WELL worth it :)
Barbara Canepa


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Barbara is italian, not french. She is very popular in Europe. She began at italian Disney, and she created (with Alessandro Barbucci) "Witch" for them (the first 3 episode were under their control). Then she went away from Disney and created "Monster Allergy" for young people, and "Sky doll", a very personal and artistic product. All their creations had an incredible success and she is a real artist and a star.

Jason Freeny said...

thank you anonymous :)
I assumed she was French because of her location. Just goes to show you can never do enough research...

While her real artist status was never in question, your helpful knowledge has only increased my curiosity and left me feeling honored that she saw interest in my work :)

Kudos Barbara!

Nervinfranti said...

You're welcome. :-))
Barbara lives in France today because (as you surely know) it's much more easy to live there as a cartoonist. In italy there are many good cartoonist but some of them are not considered "artists" as they deserve among the common people.
This is alessandro barbucci blog. Take a look! He is the draftperson who works always with canepa (colors). As you can see, they defined themselves as "pop icon creator" too. Enjoy!

Barbara Canepa said...

Hi Jason.
I am very sorry, for my bad english.
But,I am a lot sad and surprised when I read infomations of me news that is not true. From one person in issue that writes to them, does not know me… Because to make conjectures to me if nothing is not known?
Moreover,on my blog my curriculum is obvious well.
I live in France for my job !
And I am not a cartonist, but a writer, illustrator and publisher. I do not have a "colorist status", since I am drawer of the my series with Alessandro Barbucci.
I am author same him.

And I am interested to the wonderful job of Jason, because I love to know the new artists.

Thanks, Jason, for the compliments! You are very kind and amazig artist.

moistproduction said...

Thank you Barbara.

Your English is way better then my Italian...

My apologies for my lackluster research.